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Re: Return of fancy tools

Technology is seeing a little return to complexity. Dreamweaver gave way to hand-coding websites, which is now leading into Webflow, which is a lot like Dreamweaver.

We went full circle! At least, we (I) learned a great deal since the days of Dreamweaver... and frontpage!

Evernote give way to minimal Markdown notes, which are now becoming Notion, Coda, or Craft.

Don't even get me started on notes. My favorite tool is Roam, which in terms of complexity is... what it is.

The same problems will crop up.

The hardest problem to solve is people, isn't it?

Some tools are so simple but extensible that they let you build your own fancy tools on top. They also require a great deal of self control to not create an absolute mess. vim, emacs fit those. It's also about complexity: hidden vs visible.


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