Re: Will I burn out?

tmo wrote

I was just reading a post from Tynan.com about “reflecting on 15 years of blogging”, and I have probably reflected on that exact same topic a few times, only it is 14 years of blogging for me, because October 16, 2021 hasn’t rolled around yet (starting my first blog in 2006 (officially)).

That's impressive! Doing anything for so long is, to be honest. But hey, when we love, we don't count, right?

You see, because what I am doing is not really blogging, in any type of

traditional sense.

I think you are catching my attention!

This is a journal. And that is all it is. I am journaling in public, and nothing more.

There you go. You write for yourself. It just happens to be online. The fact that you don't worry about what to write, how much SEO-friendly the post can be or informative makes you write about what you care. It's just you, and it's what makes reading what you share that much interesting.


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