Journal of a day without phone or computer

I took coffee on the balcony and it was very sunny. To be honest, it's probably the most sun I've had for a year. Great chat with the GF. After that, I did a small workout and even tried a little bit of yoga for the first time. I feel much less strain in my eyes and I feel very calm.

Random thought: what's the modern equivalent of the typewriter? Is there any e-ink device that let's us plug a keyboard and type? It doesn't need to do much more. The ideal such device for me would have no internal memory. Instead, it would allow an SD card to be inserted and would run "mg" on that SD card.

Note: Seems like such a thing exists!

I jut woke up from a nap and checked my phone for the second time of the day. I hadn't taken naps for a very long time. I usually don't like them because they feel like wasted time. However this time it was more pleasant. Oh and it made time go by faster. Now that I'm awake I'm 100% bored. Checking the phone raised my anxiety level but all good.

I'm now writing this from bits I had written on paper yesterday, while spending the day without phone or computer. I'm glad I made it. It required more willpower than I thought. I also which the weather outside wasn't as terrible as it was but hey, that's part of the game!


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From Dusk's End, Nightfall City