I love coffee, whisky and pizza. But not together. Well, actually coffee and whisky together can be delicious. I love learning and making things. I use a Thinkpad x250 with Manjaro. I'm fairly new to linux. Before that, I used Apple computers. I still use one for work. I use emacs for writing, but not really for coding. I'm amazed at software that stands the test of time. I think there's an aesthetic in simplicity. Here are some projects:

The Midnight Pub

The Midnight is a virtual pub for tired souls looking to lift their spirits. It's located in the heart of Nightfall City, hidden in a small alley.

Midnight Pub

Smol Pub

A low-tech web interface to manage your journal on the small net. All your posts are available on Web, Gemini and Gopher. This very site is created with Smol Pub.

Smol Pub