A day without phone or computer

This morning I realized I spend most of my time looking at screens. When I'm not looking at my computer, I'm probably checking my phone. When I'm not checking my phone, I could be watching TV. I feel like it's gotten worse since working from home, and with the lockdown. When I'm not looking at my phone for a few minutes I get anxious. It surely doesn't help having a single phone for personal and work-related use. When I'm not receiving emails, I get slack notifications. I could turn it all off, but I would just open each application to check if everything is "okay".

So here's my idea. Tomorrow, I won't be looking at either my phone or my computer. Well, mostly. I'm allowed to check my phone 3 times the whole day, just to make sure nothing urgent came up:

And by "checking", it means I can only look at the lockscreen. If anything urgent requires my immidiate attention, then I'll stop the experiment and address it. Otherwise... well, I'll have to find other ways to spend the time. :)

Why am I doing this? I think I owe my brain and eyes some rest. I'm legitimately curious to know if I will be able to enjoy it and not be bored to death. A single day without phone or computer will likely not have crazy effect on me, but maybe it will make me have other ideas, or maybe it will allow me to discover something different. Maybe it will just be bad, but I would at least have a fun story to tell. I might even decide to write about it using good old pen and paper. And with that said, time for me to shut down the computer, and start the experiment!


Written with Smol Pub
From Dusk's End, Nightfall City