I've been working on a forum software for a few weeks now. I just realized I haven't spoken about it in here yet. It's a simple forum inspired by phpbb. It started as a fork of Midnight but I soon realized I wanted to do something very different. The main difference is that it has a flat-thread approach. It's not possible to branch conversations, unlike on Midnight. To create a new branch, someone needs to create a new topic.

This forum software is called "vpub", which means "Virtual Pub". It's built to be simple to install and self-host. It uses Go and postgres, and few dependencies. It includes a whole back-office to manage everything.

It's getting close to a V1 but I still have some work to do. If you are interested to see what it looks like, you can go to:

vpub test instance
status.cafe forums

I would love your feedback!


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