Going to the mountain

From my last post:

Or perhaps I just need a good vacation. Not the kind where I stay home, but the kind where I go somewhere. A mountain maybe? Take a little retreat from the speed, the noise, the "now" and the let my only anxiety be to know if the coffee is good.

Well, that's happening. Starting tomorrow, I'll take a week at the mountain, and I'm thrilled. The last time I went to the mountain I was probably around 8 years old. I don't remember much, except that there was a lot of snow and that the food was good. Which is all I need right now.

Fast forward to today, I don't ski, but I don't mind. My partner doesn't ski either, but we planned to take a some hikes, enjoy the scenery, breathe.

Looking forward!


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From Dusk's End, Nightfall City