No Page hit count

After thinking about thoroughly, I'm not going to add a "hit" counter to smol.pub. There's a beauty in writing only for the art of writing, and I'd love to thank everyone who reacted and gave me insights!

hexdsl wrote:

Don't do it! We shouldn't write for the audience we should write because we can't not write!

I thought this was a really fun way to put it. It's true, we can't not write. And not writing for an audience makes the writing more real, more personable, more Human.

november said:

I really don't think they're necessary at all. If people want to track page views, they can always embed some kind of "this page has been viewed X number of times" image.

That's actually true! From the web, someone who really want to do it could already add an image. In a way I'm happy not to be able to find a way to hack it around with Gemini.

The more I think about it, the more I see adding a "hit" counter a slippery slope. By itself, it's not much, but by adding it, we start to let people care about something different than only the joy of writing.

mieum wrote:

I kind of like just writing into the void without the expectation of people really reading or caring about what I write.

It feels a little liberating actually! Maybe that's part of the reason why people write more on Gemini. Or maybe we don't write more on gemini and it's just my perception.

I don't know. Anyway, if m15o ends up implementing it, I'm sure it will be well done like the rest of their projects :)

Really appreciate reading that, thank you very much!


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